Knowledge book on lignin

This hypermedia designed by the INRAE units IJPB and FARE is specifically designed to facilitate the understanding of the biorefinery cascading strategy developed within Zelcor and of the major achievements.

The Zelcor project (2016-2021) coordinated by Stéphanie Baumberger (APSYNTH team Leader and Prof. AgroParisTech) combines several scientific and technical competencies and know-how, as well as industrial expertises, for the valorisation of biorefineries by-products that are rich in lignins and humins.
Considering the complexity and diversity of the scientific and technical fields relative to lignins and humins structure, to their extraction in biorefineries and to their valorisation, Zelcor has implemented a tool to organise the knowledge, for an efficient transmission and capitalisation within the consortium.

A knowledge book was therefore constructed for this purpose.
It is constituted by standardised graphical representations of concepts, validated by the Zelcor experts, and illustrating all the most important results obtained in the project.

Knowledge book on lignin

Please note that the content is in open access.
However, any copy of its content for further use must be fully referenced as:
Justine Padovani, Florian Pion, Christophe Fernandez, Stéphanie Baumberger and Bernard Kurek (2021). The Zelcor book: an electronic knowledge book for the cascading use of biorefinery recalcitrant side streams into high added-value biobased products and fine chemicals

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