About us

The ‘Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin’ is one of the largest research centers in Plant Sciences in Europe. It gathers a unique ensemble of experimental resources and pluridisciplinary expertise in biology, chemistry and mathematics. The IJPB is a joint research unit under the supervision of INRAE and AgroParisTech, consequently belonging to University Paris-Saclay. IJPB is also a founding member of the EUR Saclay Plant Sciences (SPS).

What we intend to do...

The Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute explores multidisciplinary concepts and tools, in order to develop new approaches in plant biology and agronomy, and face new questions from the society.

Where we come from...

Dedicated from its origins to research in agronomy and plant biology, following a long local tradition predating INRA, the Versailles INRAE Research Centre hosts the Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB). The laboratories that predate IJPB have pioneered several research fields. Georges Morel and his students made several important discoveries in plant cell biology (meristem culture) and pathology (Agrobacterium). Thereafter, Jean-Pierre Bourgin, whose seminal research on haploidization in plants had a tremendous impact in the field, headed this laboratory, with dedication, for several years. He notably favoured the emergence of molecular genetics, genomics and the use of model species like Arabidopsis in plant biology, together with scientists like
Yves Chupeau, Michel Caboche, Georges Pelletier, Alain Deshayes, Francine Casse-Delbart and many others since then... In a working climate based on trust, solidarity and respect, they have shaped a world-renowned institute in plant cell and molecular genetics. We are proud of this heritage !

Jean-Pierre Bourgin (1944-1994)

The Cell Biology Lab in 1992