Missions & actions

Plants are essential to life on earth... not just to feed us !

The Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin study plants ‘in all its glory’ and at all scales: from fertilization to aging plants, throughout its development, its nutrition, its relation to the environment… Our research essentially aims at understanding these phenomenons, but also intends to relate them to societal and economical challenges, as well as climatic issues.

To answer your thirst to learn and discover, open the door on what is scientific research, we are taking part actively to events deeply-rooted in the Ile-de-France region such as conferences given by our scientists or scientific practical works devised by us during science festivals (video) or specific projects (PerceptionS de la Recherche).

We also welcome pupils (from schoolchildren to highschool students) and groups of students, for visits of our laboratories and of the Plant Observatory (platforms, greenhouses and culture chambers)
and we can also organise thematic scientific practical works (schoolchildren to secondary school pupils) and sometimes move those to the classroom occasionally or as part of specific projects.

We are deeply involved in the group ‘Plantes et Société’ of the Saclay Plant Sciences (SPS) network, IJPB being one of the founding members, through teacher trainings, conferences and events such as Science Festivals organized by Ile de Science – Paris-Saclay or the European ‘Fascination of Plant Day’.
Visiting the greenhouses

Discovering plant pigments

Interacting with the public on a market

Workshop in Versailles' Palace


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