Seminar Dr. Kareem Elsayad

Imaging the microscopic viscoelastic anisotropy in living cells - Wednesday 29th November 2023, 2 pm
The mechanical properties define the shape of cells and organisms as well as play an essential role in their basic function. Understanding these is thus essential to understanding living systems.
The term “mechanical properties” of a material is however not just a single number, but typically depends on many paramaters including the direction, boundary conditions, length and time scales.

Here Dr. Kareem Elsayad will discuss some optical microspectroscopy approaches developed, in an international collaboration (preprint), that can allow us to measure the directional dependence of the microscopic viscoelastic properties on very short time scales in living cells. We find that these reveal a complex hidden and dynamic structure in cells that is linked to fundamental cellular processes, and may give unique insight into plant cell growth.

Dr. Kareem Elsayad, Advanced Microscopy, Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities, Vienna Biocenter, Division of Anatomy, Center for Anatomy & Cell Biology and Medical Imaging Cluster (MIC), Medical University of Vienna, Austria

: Alexis Peaucelle

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Seminar Dr. Kareem Elsayad

Spatial and temporal correlations of BLS (Brillouin Light Scattering) anisotropy in cell nuclei. (C) Schematic of 3-species model (red=cations, yellow=crowding agent, black/white=condensed chromatin), showing calculated temporal evolution of species concentrations and BFA (Brillouin Freactional Anisotropy) for stable Spatio-Temporal Oscillatory Solution (STOS)