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Physiologie de la Germination

Publications IJPB (2006-présent) [37]
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Saez-Aguayo S, Parra-Rojas JP, Sepúlveda-Orellana P, Celiz-Balboa J, Arenas-Morales V, Sallé C, Salinas-Grenet H, Largo-Gosens A, North HM, Ralet MC, Orellana A (2021). Transport of UDP-rhamnose by URGT2, URGT4, and URGT6 modulates rhamnogalacturonan-I length. Plant Physiol, 185(3):914-933. PubMed | DOI
Williams MaK, Cornuault V, Irani AH, Symonds VV, Malmstrom J, An Y, Sims IM, Carnachan SM, Sallé C, North HM (2020). Polysaccharide Structures in the Outer Mucilage of Arabidopsis Seeds Visualized by AFM. Biomacromolecules, 21:1450-1459. PubMed | DOI
Griffiths JS, Crepeau MJ, Ralet MC, Seifert GJ, North HM (2016). Dissecting Seed Mucilage Adherence Mediated by FEI2 and SOS5. Front Plant Sci, 7:1073. PubMed | DOI
Ralet MC, Crepeau MJ, Vigouroux J, Tran J, Berger A, Sallé C, Granier F, Botran L, North HM (2016). Xylans Provide the Structural Driving Force for Mucilage Adhesion to the Arabidopsis Seed Coat. Plant Physiol, 171:165-178. PubMed | DOI
Voiniciuc C, Zimmermann E, Schmidt MH, Gunl M, Fu L, North HM, Usadel B (2016). Extensive Natural Variation in Arabidopsis Seed Mucilage Structure. Front Plant Sci, 7:803. PubMed | DOI
Voiniciuc C, Schmidt MH, Berger A, Yang B, Ebert B, Scheller HV, North HM, Usadel B, Gunl M (2015). MUCILAGE-RELATED10 Produces Galactoglucomannan That Maintains Pectin and Cellulose Architecture in Arabidopsis Seed Mucilage. Plant Physiol, 169:403-420. PubMed | DOI
Saez-Aguayo S, Rondeau-Mouro C, Macquet A, Kronholm I, Ralet MC, Berger A, Sallé C, Poulain D, Granier F, Botran L, Loudet O, De Meaux J, Marion-Poll A, North HM (2014). Local evolution of seed flotation in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet, 10:e1004221. PubMed | DOI
Plessis A, Cournol R, Effroy D, Silva Perez V, Botran L, Kraepiel Y, Frey A, Sotta B, Cornic G, Leung J, Giraudat J, Marion-Poll A, North HM (2011). New ABA-hypersensitive Arabidopsis mutants are affected in loci mediating responses to water deficit and Dickeya dadantii infection. PLoS One, 6:e20243. PubMed | DOI
Seo M, Hanada A, Kuwahara A, Endo A, Okamoto M, Yamauchi Y, North HM, Marion-Poll A, Sun TP, Koshiba T, Kamiya Y, Yamaguchi S, Nambara E (2006). Regulation of hormone metabolism in Arabidopsis seeds: phytochrome regulation of abscisic acid metabolism and abscisic acid regulation of gibberellin metabolism. Plant J, 48:354-366. PubMed | DOI
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