Aline VOXEUR Research Scientist

Research Scientist | Glycans and Signaling

Ever since I was a little girl, I love outdoors life and I wanted to set up my own farm. But during my university years, I fell in love with research. Thereafter, my ambitious to become a farmer has been revised downwards. I now simply grow a vegetable garden and I have no regrets about committing myself to a career in life science.

Since 2015 my research at the IJPB is focused on understanding the biochemistry and physiology of plant cell wall/plasma membrane continuum, the outermost layer of the plant cell. This continuum changes extremely during plant development and in response to biotic and abiotic stress. It provides a wonderful playground for a structural glycobiologist like myself.

I discovered the research world by working at the interface between the plant biology and structural chemistry with a focus on glycans.

These experiences with complex polysaccharides combined with my interest in plant pathology led me to work on the oligogalacturonides, and more widely on all cell wall and plasma membrane fragments. I use LC-MS technics to identify new endogenous oligosaccharidic structures and to understand their roles as signalling molecules.

Aline Voxeur


Glycans and Signaling