Bertrand DUBREUCQ Senior Scientist

Seed Development and Quality

Research director in the Seedev team, Scientific manager of the OV-cytology and imaging platform, IJPB operations correspondent
Plant molecular genetics transcriptional regulation imaging microscopy seed filling plant biotechnologies project manager

My main objective is to answer biological questions involving seed development, in particular aiming at identifying the transcription network controlling the transition from embryogenesis to reserve accumulation. My focus is on LEC2, a master seed ripening regulator belonging to the B3 family. My work aims to determine (i) how this factor binds, or interacts, with its DNA targets, in a possible complex with ABI3 and FUS3, (ii) how this protein complex is regulated, and (iii) how LEC2 is transcriptionally and post-transcriptionally regulated.
We aim at modeling  the regulatory network involved in Arabidopsis and to study how it is conserved in cereals on the one hand and how it is also involved in somatic embryogenesis on the other hand.

Scientific manager of the cytology and imaging platform of the Plant Observatory, I ensure the proper scientific and human functioning of a strategic tool for the IJPB (1200M2, 5 Full Time Equivalents, 100 regular users, 5 microscopes confocal, a Laser Assisted Microdissector, about twenty large optical parts, and various materials related to cytology).

Unit operations correspondent, I manage the various technical aspects of the unit's 9 buildings (8000M2), equipment requests, works, modifications, in relation to the center of Versailles. I am also responsible for the unit workshop (3 FTEs).