Elodie GILBAULT Assistant Engineer

The Plant Observatory - Phenoscope

I am an Assistant Engineer at the IJPB where I work on the high-throughput phenotyping platform (OV-Phenoscope).
Phenotyping High-Throughput global data analysis R
Within the OV-Phenoscope team, I ensure the smooth running of the experiments on Phenoscopes (high-throughput phenotyping robot).

Professional background

After obtaining a Master's degree in Genetic Biology and Adaptation of Plant Products in Rennes, I worked on a 5-year fixed-term contract in the VAST (Variation and Abiotic Stress Tolerance) team at the IJPB. This team was at the time the only user of the Phenoscopes and I participated in their implementation.
I was then recruited, in 2014, to integrate the OV-Phenoscope platform which allowed the opening of these high-throughput phenotyping tools to the scientific community.


Within the OV-Phenoscope, we are 3 permanent staff. I work closely with the scientist in charge (Olivier Loudet) and the Computer/Automatics Engineer (Olivier Zurfluh).

I am in charge of all the 'experimentation' part:
- setting up the experiments and managing the schedule.
- taking samples for users (with or without their help)
- traceability and quality assurance of experiments
- global analysis of the results
- participation in the reflection and organisation of the evolution of the platform and its capacities
- development of new protocols
- interaction with users
Elodie Gilbault


The Plant Observatory - Phenoscope