Fabien NOGUÉ Senior Scientist

DNA Repair and Genome Engineering

I did my PhD at INRA Versailles and then a post-doc in Australia which allowed me to have a training in plant genetics. Since 2000 I joined the meiosis and recombination team at the IJPB in Versailles where I work on DNA repair mechanisms and new genome editing technologies (CRISPR).
DNA repair Biotechnologies risk assessment Genetic modifications
The biological questions that interest me concern DNA repair and targeted modification of genes in plants. The plant model mainly used by my team is Physcomitrella patens. Our studies aimed at understanding the mechanisms involved in the repair of DNA double strand breaks and are based on the use of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tools. The work of my team should help first, to increase the knowledge on DNA repair modes in plants and second, our research aims to better understand the molecular bases of the mode of action of new genome editing tools.
Fabien Nogué


DNA repair and genome engineering