Loïc RAJJOU Professor

Germination Physiology

Exploration of the molecular, cellular, and metabolic mechanisms related to seed quality (dormancy, longevity, defenses, vigor) and integration of biocontrol and biostimulation strategies to protect and enhance germination and seedling establishment.
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As a Professor in Predictive Plant Physiology at AgroParisTech, my research at IJPB focuses on mechanisms involved in seed quality, including dormancy, dry state preservation, defenses, and vigor. I also explore the use of biocontrol and biostimulation solutions in seed technology (e.g., coating, priming) to protect and enhance germination and seedling establishment.

The scope of my research encompasses the molecular, cellular, and metabolic dimensions of major physiological changes in seeds, beginning with the effects of the plant-mother's culture conditions during seed development and extending to their influence on germination and the vigor of young growing plants.

I develop multi-omics approaches (such as transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) in different seed compartments (i.e., embryo, endosperm, seed coat, spermosphere) to gain a more thorough understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in seed quality, as well as the biotic and abiotic interactions during germination and seedling growth.

The outcomes of my research lead me to develop solutions aimed at enhancing agricultural production by promoting faster and more uniform germination, as well as robust growth that is more resistant to environmental stresses in plants.
Seed physiology
Loïc Rajjou


IJPB, Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, INRAE, AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay
"Saclay Plant Sciences" (SPS) - Research group: "Physiology of Seed Germination »
Co-founder of SEED IN TECH

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