Philippe LE BRIS Technician

Strigolactones and Allelochemicals Signaling

Molecular Biology Genetic
I am a research technician in the SAS team since 2017. I am in charge of molecular biology activities, I perform plant genotyping on the 3 models of the laboratory (Arabidopsis, pea, moss): primer design, DNA extractions, PCR, electrophoresis and results analysis.  I perform a lot of cloning for the team members: plasmids obtention for plant transformation or for the recombinant protein expression in bacteria. For the past few years, I have specialized in the Gateway cloning system. A large part of my laboratory activity is also dedicated to the obtention of Arabidopsis transformants, by Agrobacterium infiltration. I carry out the genetic analysis of the transgenic Arabidopsis lines obtained: in vitro culture of seedlings, segregation tests on selective media, verification of transgenes presence, etc. I am also in charge of the micropipette park for my department.
Philippe Le Bris


Strigolactones and Allelochemicals Signaling

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