Pierre HILSON Senior Scientist

Cell Biology and Plant Regeneration

Pierre Hilson is a senior INRAE scientist and the BCR group leader at the IJPB.
in vitro development regeneration somatic embryogenesis bioactive molecule screens
I lead the team Biology of the Cell and Regeneration at the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin. We study the genetic and molecular mechanisms that control the formation of novel organs or embryos within in vitro tissue cultures.

In the same area, I coordinate the RegenCrop Consortium that includes over twenty French public laboratories (INRAE, CIRAD, IRD). These teams use in vitro culture methods to investigate plant development and to create mutant lines, in multiple species, that are valuable for basic and applied research.

In parallel, I spearhead the working group Plantes et Société whose goal is to boost science mediation activities within the Saclay Plant Sciences network.
Pierre Hilson


Biology of the Cell and Regeneration