Samantha VERNHETTES Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist | Glycans and Signaling

I am an INRAE senior scientist interested in the cell wall remodelling and especially in the role of glycomolecules that are at the interface between the cell wall and the plasma membrane. After a master (former DEA) in Phytopathology, I completed my phD in 1996 working on the characterization of the activity of Tnt1 retrotransposon at INRAE and CSIC Barcelona. After a short post-doc in Hervé Vaucheret’s lab on the mechanisms of epigenetics in Arabidopsis thaliana, I was hired as a young scientist at INRAE in 1997 and I joined the team working on primary cell walls at IJPB (PAR team). After having worked on the plasticity of genomes, I discovered the plant cell wall and its fascinating dynamic and complex structure. During these years, among other things, I trained in confocal microscopy and was able to understand how cellulose synthases complex move in plant. Microscopy allowed me to reconcile my interest in images and science. Indeed, the aesthetics of nature and in art have always questioned me. I also became more and more interested in the structure of the wall and its remodeling with the desire to return to studies of phytopathology, chemistry and with the aim of contributing in the production of molecules elicitors of defense mechanisms. Consequently, since 2021, I have created a new team focuses on the study of the cell wall remodeling during development and during biotic and abiotic stresses and I am working in collaboration with Aline Voxeur who has complementary skills and is an expert in glycochemistry.
Samantha Vernhettes


Glycans and Signaling

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