Garry Duville, IJPB PhD students, finalist in the competition "My thesis in 180 seconds" at the Paris-Saclay University!

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Garry Duville, a PhD student of the "Nitrogen Use, Transport and Signaling" NUTS team, studies the nitrate signalling pathway in plants. He is one of the 13 finalists among40 candidates in the University Paris-Saclay My thesis in 180 seconds (MT180) competition. The subjects covered will be very diverse and concern the plant world for 3 of the participants. The MT180 competition was originally created in Australia at the University of Queensland and has spread throughout the world. The version for French-speaking countries launched by Quebec is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The rule: the 13 candidates have 180 seconds, no more, no less, to explain their research project with a single slide. It is therefore an arduous, but very instructive, exercice, to make ones thesis accessible to everyone in an attractive way, while demonstrating scientific rigor and creativity.

The selected candidates have the opportunity to participate in an oral training workshop to prepare for the final.

Final - Live replay

Which of the finalists will manage to seduce you in 180 seconds with their research project? It's up to you to vote on the day of the final, live!

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