Launch meeting of the ENVIE Network

ENVIE : Impact of Environment on plant immunity and pathogen vIrulence - 01-03 décember 2021 at Valpré-Lyon
The development of parasitic plant diseases depends on dynamic interactions between the host plant, the pathogen and the environment.

The ENVIE network was created to bring together researchers interested in the study of complex interactions involving combined stresses (multi-stress), and the impact of these multiple stresses on plant immunity and pest virulence.

The specific objectives of this first meeting will be to bring together teams from the national community that have initiated or are planning to develop projects on this topic, to give us a clear picture of current projects and discuss future projects, to stimulate exchanges and to initiate collaborations
Theme 1
Impacts of climate change on on both partners of plant-pathogen interaction partners
Theme 2
Adaptation solutions to environmental changes
Theme 3
Integration of environmental complexity

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Scientific Board
Isabelle Darboux, UMR DGIMI
Mathilde Fagard,UMR IJPB
Marie Foulongne-Oriol, UMR MycSa
Anne Genissel, UMR BIOGER
Véronique Lefebvre, UMR GAFL
Adelin Barbacci, UMR LIPME
Richard Berthomé, UMR LIPME
Thierry Langin, UMR GDEC