Mathilde FAGARD Senior Scientist

Nitrogen-Pathogen Interactions

Trained as a molecular geneticist, I obtained a PhD on plant cell wall and achieved a post-doc in epigenetics. I am currently studying the impact of nitrogen on interactions between plants and their bioagressors.
I study the impact of plant nitrogen nutrition on plant-pathogen interactions. In particular, I study the impact of plant metabolism on  plant defense and pathogen virulence. We use molecular genetic approaches, gene editing, metabolomics and transcriptomics. Understanding how agricultural practices affect susceptibility of crops to diseases and how they affect treatment efficiency.
Arabidopsis epidermis infected by Botrytis cenerea and stained with DAB to reveal the presence of reactive oxygen species in both pant and fungal cells (brown staining)
Botrytis cinerea mycelium (calcofluor staining)
Mathilde Fagard


Nitrogen-Pathogen interactions