Seminar Dr. Satoshi Fujita

IJPB / SPS Seminar: MBAPs bridge brassinosteroid signaling and cortical microtubules - Tuesday 27th February, 2024 9:30 am
Cell surface receptors govern a large part of responses to exogenous or endogenous stimuli. In plants, receptor-like kinase families are one of the critical sensors for such purposes, but their mechanistic insights are still elusive. The team Plant Cell Signaling and Ubiquitin of LRSV employs BRI1, a major brassinosteroid hormone receptor, as a representative model to understand how receptor signaling is controlled at the cell surface. Recently, we have identified novel BRI1 interactors, named MBAPs, that localize to cortical microtubules. In this presentation, the pivotal roles of these molecules in both BR signaling and microtubule regulation will be discussed.

Dr. Satoshi Fujita, Plant Cell Signaling and Ubiquitin, Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Végétales LRSV, Castanet-Tolosan

Invitation : Martine Pastuglia, équipe "Contrôle spatial de la division cellulaire" SPACE

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Seminar in connection with the research developed at the Institute Jean-Pierre Bourgin for Plant Sciences

Seminar  Dr. Satoshi Fujita