Summer school " Plant cell walls" organized by the IJPB in the framework of the SPS network

The study of the cell wall is an important research frontier in plant biology. Over the past decade, the field has seen major technological and conceptual advances. In addition, the study of cell wall structure and metabolism has become an integral part of the research on plant development and the adaptation to abiotic and biotic stresses. A better knowledge of the cell wall is also essential for the optimization of lignocellulosic biomass processing procedures in the framework of the emerging bioeconomy.

This SPS Summer School 2022 is a one-week program for outstanding and enthusiastic PhD students and young post-docs. It will provide them with an introduction in chemistry, biophysics, molecular and cell biology in relation to the plant cell wall.

At the initiative of the SPS network "Sciences des Plantes de Saclay", it is organized by members of the IJPB:
Herman Höfte (Coordinator)
Stéphanie Baumberger
Martine Gonneau
Kalina Haas
Helen North
Alexis Peaucelle
Matthieu Reymond
Samantha Vernhettes
Aline Voxeur