The IJPB at the Paris-Saclay Science Festival with "Ile de Science"

From October 1st to 11th and finally at least until November 15th, all online! The IJPB will be represented with 6 sheets "Small biology manipulations to do at home" to discover by experimenting, 3 videos of virtual visits and a report and a video game.

"Small biology manipulations to do at home"
> The circulation of water in the plant
Discover and visualize the path of water in the leaf after its absorption
> Pigment extraction
Different grinding and filtration methods to discover how to extract plant pigments from vegetables
> Chromatography
To experiment with a technique for separating molecules on paper using vegetable pigments extracted from vegetables.
> DNA Extraction
Visualize the DNA molecule!
> Starch extraction
> Bioplastic synthesis
Extracting starch from potatoes to make a bioplastic  

Virtual visits
> The IJPB's OV-Plant Culture and Phenoscope - Its doors open to you!
One of the components of the Plant Observatory, welcomes you in its greenhouses and culture chambers. You will walk around the INRAE site in Versailles and meet a greenhouse operator who will tell you about his job and the plants he grows. Our scientific director, a specialist in natural biodiversity, will introduce you to the robots used to cultivate the "green mouse" of plant laboratories, the thale cress.

> The life of plants in the greenhouse! Lilian Dahuron, in charge of the plant cultivation platform of the Observatoire du végétal IJPB, INRAE, Versailles, makes you discover how plants are cultivated in greenhouses and his job as a greenhouse operator.

> The Phenoscope, or how to grow plants in a reproducible way? This robot developed at the IJPB, INRAE, Versailles, allows to grow more than 700 plants under comparable conditions and helps to answer scientific questions such as: How do plants respond to drought?

> In search of thale cress, Olivier Loudet, INRAE research director, specialist in natural biodiversity, takes you on a journey through the wilderness of Central Asia in search of thale cress, the "green mouse" of research "plant" laboratories.


Video game

> Aphid and Trichomes is an Endless Runner game developed with Unity. The player has to drive the aphid "Aphid" towards the main stem of the tomato avoiding the trichomes on the leaf surface.