Two AAF 2023 awards for IJPB research

Were awarded on September 20, 2023, at the Academy of Agriculture of France, Matthieu Reymond and Frédéric Chauffour

> The 2023 Limagrain Prize was awarded to Matthieu Reymond, Senior Scientist, head of the "Biomass Quality and Interactions with Drought" team, QUALIBIOSEC, for his work on the genetic control of maize biomass quality in interaction with environmental stress response.
Françoise Budar, Senior Scientist, of the "Organelles and Reproduction" team, OrgaRepro, received this prize in 2017, as reported in JIPB news.

This prize aims to reward the career of a French researcher or someone who has conducted the majority of their work in the service of French agriculture, with research disciplines related to seed production, artificial intelligence, selection, seed quality, seed production, etc. More

The Marie-Louise Dufrenoy Prize goes to Frédéric Chauffour, who completed his PhD in plant physiology in the "Germination Physiology" team, PHYGERM, in 2018 and co-founded the startup Seed in Tech following his doctoral work, as reported in IJPB on December 17, 2020, and July 13, 2023.

This prize, established in 2020, is awarded to French researchers preferably under the age of forty, whose work has been inspired to some extent by the work of Marie-Louise Dufrenoy. At least a portion of their work should be characterized by its originality, and it is desirable that their results have undergone statistical scrutiny. More