Research teams


SC-Com 2 members

The team is in charge of internal as well as external communication of the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB).
Considering the academics, the team is involved in seminars and symposium organization up to the international level (including websites creation) and also disseminating IJPB scientific results throught seminars, the symposium IJPB, INRAE press releases and so on… Internal communication covers writting of our weekly electronic letter, coordination of scientific poles seminars, organisation of PhD oral presentations, publication of information on our Intranet website too…

We also focus on outreach to the public, creating didactic scientific ressources, including practical works for pupils and training sessions for teachers or also participating to projects and to the organization of events as « Fêtes de la Science » and the european « Fascination of Plants Day » and receiving groups of visitors as pupils or students.

And not forgetting, news which are published on our Internet website, taking into account all the range of our actions of communication.


Corine Enard