Research teams

The Plant Observatory - Versailles Arabidopsis Stock Center

PO-VASC 3 members 25 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

Price and payment information

Seeds are free if for educational purpose and for IJPB.

INRAE labs not IJPB have to pay only when the cumulated amount of their orders is higher than 150 euros. They do not pay online, wait for receiving an invoice.

All other clients have to pay online by credit card when ordering.
For academic (non-profit) organizations, the price for each individual line is 8 euros. For sets (core-collections, RIL populations, etc), the price is lowered to 4 euros per line.

For private research and the industry, the price per line is increased to 24 euros for individual lines and 12 euros per line when included in a set.
In addition, a processing fee of 14 euros is added to each order for both public and private organizations.

Local taxes (VAT) will be charged at the rate of 20% for French customers. Providing a VAT number is not necessary. Other EU customers who provide a VAT number when registering via the web site will not be charged with VAT; without a VAT number, VAT will be charged at a rate of 20%. Non-EU customers do not pay VAT.  

How to order

All orders should be placed online. You can consult the catalogue and fill your cart without registering; you will need to register and/or log in before placing your order. If this is your first order, click on "Register" and complete the registration form (European, but not French, clients: do not forget the VAT number). You will immediately receive an email with a link to be activated to confirm your registration and be able to log in.
Contact us if you do not promptly receive the confirmation email.

Select the material you want to order, either from the catalogue or using the «search » function, and add it to your cart. You can check and modify your order at any time. You can also save your cart and logout, and come back later. Before validating your order, please check your registration parameters. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed. Orders are generally shipped within a few days; we send about 100 seeds per line and 500 seeds for F2s.

Contact us if you have any questions. Please always include your client code, and your order number if your inquiry concerns an order.