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Blagojevic A, Baldrich P, Schiaffini M, Lechner E, Baumberger N, Hammann P, Elmayan T, Garcia D, Vaucheret H, Meyers BC, Genschik P (2024). Heat stress promotes Arabidopsis AGO1 phase separation and association with stress granule components. iScience, 27(3):109151. PubMed | DOI
Vaucheret H, Voinnet O (2023). The plant siRNA landscape. Plant Cell, koad253. PubMed | DOI
Hacquard T, Clavel M, Baldrich P, Lechner E, Pérez-Salamó I, Schepetilnikov M, Derrien B, Dubois M, Hammann P, Kuhn L, Brun D, Bouteiller N, Baumberger N, Vaucheret H, Meyers BC, Genschik P (2022). The Arabidopsis F-box protein FBW2 targets AGO1 for degradation to prevent spurious loading of illegitimate small RNA. Cell Rep, 39(2):110671. PubMed | DOI
Borges F, Donoghue MTA, LeBlanc C, Wear EE, Tanurdži M, Berube B, Brooks A, Thompson WF, Hanley-Bowdoin L, Martienssen RA (2021). Loss of Small-RNA-Directed DNA Methylation in the Plant Cell Cycle Promotes Germline Reprogramming and Somaclonal Variation. Curr Biol, 31(3):591-600. PubMed | DOI
Khouider S, Borges F, LeBlanc C, Ungru A, Schnittger A, Martienssen R, Colot V, Bouyer D (2021). Male fertility in Arabidopsis requires active DNA demethylation of genes that control pollen tube function. Nat Commun, 12(1):410. PubMed | DOI
Lee CH, Hawker NP, Peters JR, Lonhienne TGA, Gursanscky NR, Matthew L, Brosnan CA, Mann CWG, Cromer L, Taochy C, Ngo QA, Sundaresan V, Schenk PM, Kobe B, Borges F, Mercier R, Bowman JL, Carroll BJ (2021). DEFECTIVE EMBRYO AND MERISTEMS genes are required for cell division and gamete viability in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet, 17(5):e1009561. PubMed | DOI
Mejias J, Bazin J, Truong NM, Chen Y, Marteu N, Bouteiller N, Sawa S, Crespi MD, Vaucheret H, Abad P, Favery B, Quentin M (2021). The root-knot nematode effector MiEFF18 interacts with the plant core spliceosomal protein SmD1 required for giant cell formation. New Phytol, 229(6):3408-3423. PubMed | DOI
Cao J, Gursanscky NR, Fletcher SJ, Sawyer A, Wadia M, Mckeough L, Coleman M, Dressel U, Taochy C, Mitter N, Vaucheret H, Carroll BJ (2020). Can-Seq: a PCR and DNA sequencing strategy for identifying new alleles of known and candidate genes. Plant Methods, 16:16. PubMed | DOI
Lange H, Ndecky SYA, Gomez-Diaz C, Pflieger D, Butel N, Zumsteg J, Kuhn L, Piermaria C, Chicher J, Christie M, Karaaslan ES, Lang PLM, Weigel D, Vaucheret H, Hammann P, Gagliardi D (2019). RST1 and RIPR connect the cytosolic RNA exosome to the Ski complex in Arabidopsis. Nat Commun, 10:3871. PubMed | DOI
Michaeli S, Clavel M, Lechner E, Viotti C, Wu J, Dubois M, Hacquard T, Derrien B, Izquierdo E, Lecorbeiller M, Bouteiller N, De Cilia J, Ziegler-Graff V, Vaucheret H, Galili G, Genschik P (2019). The viral F-box protein P0 induces an ER-derived autophagy degradation pathway for the clearance of membrane-bound AGO1. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 116:22872-22883. PubMed | DOI
Derrien B, Clavel M, Baumberger N, Iki T, Sarazin A, Hacquard T, Ponce MR, Ziegler-Graff V, Vaucheret H, Micol JL, Voinnet O, Genschik P (2018). A Suppressor Screen for AGO1 Degradation by the Viral F-Box P0 Protein Uncovers a Role for AGO DUF1785 in sRNA Duplex Unwinding. Plant Cell, 30:1353-1374. PubMed | DOI
Charbonnel C, Niazi AK, Elvira-Matelot E, Nowak E, Zytnicki M, De Bures A, Jobet E, Opsomer A, Shamandi N, Nowotny M, Carapito C, Reichheld JP, Vaucheret H, Saez-Vasquez J (2017). The siRNA suppressor RTL1 is redox-regulated through glutathionylation of a conserved cysteine in the double-stranded-RNA-binding domain. Nucleic Acids Res, 45:11891-11907. PubMed | DOI
Taochy C, Gursanscky NR, Cao J, Fletcher SJ, Dressel U, Mitter N, Tucker MR, Koltunow AMG, Bowman JL, Vaucheret H, Carroll BJ (2017). A Genetic Screen for Impaired Systemic RNAi Highlights the Crucial Role of DICER-LIKE 2. Plant Physiol, 175:1424-1437. PubMed | DOI
Elvira-Matelot E, Hachet M, Shamandi N, Comella P, Saez-Vasquez J, Zytnicki M, Vaucheret H (2016). Arabidopsis RNASE THREE LIKE2 Modulates the Expression of Protein-Coding Genes via 24-Nucleotide Small Interfering RNA-Directed DNA Methylation. Plant Cell, 28:406-425. PubMed | DOI
Hématy K, Bellec Y, Podicheti R, Bouteiller N, Anne P, Morineau C, Haslam RP, Beaudoin F, Napier JA, Mockaitis K, Gagliardi D, Vaucheret H, Lange H, Faure JD (2016). The Zinc-Finger Protein SOP1 Is Required for a Subset of the Nuclear Exosome Functions in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet, 12:e1005817. PubMed | DOI
Porter JR, Durand JL, Elmayan T (2016). Gene editing: Edited plants should not be patented. Nature, 530:33. PubMed | DOI
Casacuberta JM, Devos Y, Du Jardin P, Ramon M, Vaucheret H, Nogué F (2015). Biotechnological uses of RNAi in plants: risk assessment considerations. Trends Biotechnol, 33:145-147. PubMed | DOI
Martinez De Alba AE, Moreno AB, Gabriel M, Mallory AC, Christ A, Bounon R, Balzergue S, Aubourg S, Gautheret D, Crespi MD, Vaucheret H, Maizel A (2015). In plants, decapping prevents RDR6-dependent production of small interfering RNAs from endogenous mRNAs. Nucleic Acids Res, 43:2902-2913. PubMed | DOI
Shamandi N, Zytnicki M, Charbonnel C, Elvira-Matelot E, Bochnakian A, Comella P, Mallory AC, Lepere G, Saez-Vasquez J, Vaucheret H (2015). Plants Encode a General siRNA Suppressor That Is Induced and Suppressed by Viruses. PLoS Biol, 13:e1002326. PubMed | DOI
Lange H, Zuber H, Sement FM, Chicher J, Kuhn L, Hammann P, Brunaud V, Berard C, Bouteiller N, Balzergue S, Aubourg S, Martin-Magniette ML, Vaucheret H, Gagliardi D (2014). The RNA helicases AtMTR4 and HEN2 target specific subsets of nuclear transcripts for degradation by the nuclear exosome in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genet, 10:e1004564. PubMed | DOI
Martinez De Alba AE, Elvira-Matelot E, Vaucheret H (2013). Gene silencing in plants: a diversity of pathways. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1829:1300-1308. PubMed | DOI
Moreno AB, Martinez De Alba AE, Bardou F, Crespi MD, Vaucheret H, Maizel A, Mallory AC (2013). Cytoplasmic and nuclear quality control and turnover of single-stranded RNA modulate post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants. Nucleic Acids Res, 41:4699-4708. PubMed | DOI
Romon M, Soustre-Gacougnolle I, Schmitt C, Perrin M, Burdloff Y, Chevalier E, Mutterer J, Himber C, Zervudacki J, Montavon T, Zimmermann A, Elmayan T, Vaucheret H, Dunoyer P, Masson JE (2013). RNA silencing is resistant to low-temperature in grapevine. PLoS One, 8:e82652. PubMed | DOI
Zhong SH, Liu JZ, Jin H, Lin L, Li Q, Chen Y, Yuan YX, Wang ZY, Huang H, Qi YJ, Chen XY, Vaucheret H, Chory J, Li J, He ZH (2013). Warm temperatures induce transgenerational epigenetic release of RNA silencing by inhibiting siRNA biogenesis in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:9171-9176. PubMed | DOI
Parent JS, Martinez De Alba AE, Vaucheret H (2012). The origin and effect of small RNA signaling in plants. Front Plant Sci, 3:179. PubMed | DOI
Hirsch J, Misson J, Crisp PA, David P, Bayle V, Estavillo GM, Javot H, Chiarenza S, Mallory AC, Maizel A, Declerck M, Pogson BJ, Vaucheret H, Crespi M, Desnos T, Thibaud MC, Nussaume L, Marin E (2011). A novel fry1 allele reveals the existence of a mutant phenotype unrelated to 5'->3' exoribonuclease (XRN) activities in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. PLoS One, 6:e16724. PubMed | DOI
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