Thierry CHARDOT Senior Scientist

Dynamics and Structure of Lipid Bodies

Organisation of scientific conferences
-10th SOLEIL Users Meeting (Saint Aubin 2015).
Atelier Satellite INRA SOLEIL: l'Approche Synchrotron en Agriculture Alimentation et Environnement.

-13th Yeast Lipid Conference (YLC) (Paris, 2017)
YLC promotes free discussions between scientists working on or interested in all aspects of yeast and fungal lipids. 

- 1st International Conference on OilBodies (Wageningen 2018)

-2nd International Conference on OilBodies (Strasbourg 2021).
Conferences on various aspects (from basic to applied) of oil bodies. 

Actions towards public, teachers, specialists
Forum Labos INRA SOLEIL (Versailles) 2014
Presentation of SOLEIL and the different beamlinesVersailles-Grignon and Jouy INRA staff, and teachers from Versailles area (2014) (45 min). Together with INRA engineers at SOLEIL and  Nanoscopium beamline manager.

BLACK BOX « Des véhicules gonflés à bloc » (2014)
With a very comic narration, this series presents the new state of the scientific research for the next 50 years

Salon International de l’agriculture (Paris) 2016
Presentation of SOLEIL on INRA booth at Salon International de l’agriculture

Journées scientifiques et techniques des microscopistes INRA (Saint aubin) 2016.  Visite du synchrotron SOLEIL.

«Highlights Inra SOLEIL» (2017) A collection of INRA success stories at SOLEIL Synchrotron
Thierry Chardot


Dynamics and Structure of Lipid Bodies