Corinne MHIRI Research Engineer

Epigenetics, Reproduction and Transposable Elements

Skills & achievements

- Basic handling in Molecular Biology (DNA or RNA extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, cloning, bacterial culture…) and in vitro culture (shoot explant subculture, cell culture, protoplast isolation, plant regeneration from calli)

- SSAP analysis of TE insertion polymorphisms on acrylamide gels with radio-labelled probes (32P, 33P)

- Maintenance by in vitro subculturing of a Nicotiana plantlet collection (including haploids, diploids, tetraploids and synthetic hybrids)

- Production of several generations of tobacco synthetic hybrids (F1 to S3 generation) as well as other Nicotiana synthetics by in vitro doubling of F1 plants, then selfing)

- Bioinformatic analysis of Nicotiana TE content (REPET tool , in collaboration with URGI, INRA Versailles –

- Retrotransposon differential expression analysis by RNAseq under different stress conditions.