Kevin MAGNE Research Scientist

Research Scientist | Symbiotic Nitrogen Acquisition in Plant-Microbe Systems

Kévin Magne, research scientist in physiology of plant-microbe interactions
I am research scientist at the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB) of Versailles since 2023, in the team SYmbiotic Nitrogen Acquisition in Plant-microbe Systems (SYNAPS) animated by Prof. Alia Dellagi. The team SYNAPS aims to better understand and exploit the cereal crop microbiota to improve nitrogen use efficiency of plants and to reduce the use of pollutant nitrogen fertilizers. In the SYNAPS team, I study beneficial effects from the common mycorrhizal network under cereal-legume intercropping systems. I am interessed in the nitrogen flows between legumes and cereals.

I obtained my degree of biology from the University of Strasbourg and did my Ph.D in the lab of Dr. Pascal Ratet at the Institut des Sciences des Plantes de Paris-Saclay (IPS2) in Gif-sur-Yvette. During my Ph.D, I studied the role of BLADE-ON-PETIOLE (BOP) genes in the development and the identity maintainance of legume nodules as well as their roles in the vegetative and reproductive development of legumes and grasses. I obtained my Ph.D of biology in 2017. In 2018, I joined Dr. Rene Geurts group at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. I studied the regulation of BOP genes during Parasponia-rhizobium symbiosis and the roles of BOP genes in the regulation of vascular cambium activity and xylogenesis in Parasponia. In 2020, I did a second post-doc under the supervision of Prof. Véronique Gruber at IPS2 and studied the regulation of nitrogen-fixing nodules immunity. In 2021, I did a third post-doc in Dr. Pascal Ratet’s group and explored the evolutionary trajectory of legumes-rhizobia mutualism.
Kevin Magne


Symbiotic Nitrogen Acquisition in Plant-Microbe Systems