Nicolas ARNAUD Research Scientist

Transcription Factors and Architecture

Nicolas ARNAUD is an INRAE researcher studying plant development

2022: "
Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches" (HDR). Université Paris-Saclay.
since 2013:
INRAE researcher at IJPB, Versailles (France).
2012-2013: ANR RPDOC, Post-doctoral fellow. IJPB, Versailles (France). PI: P. Laufs
2007-2012: Marie Curie IEF Post-doctoral fellow. John Innes Centre, Norwich (UK). PI: R. Sablowski
2004-2007: PhD in Molecular Plant Biology. UMII, B&PMP Montpellier (France). PI: F. Gaymard  

My work focuses on regulatory mechanisms controlling gene expression in response to environmental changes and during plant development. I'm interested in the evolution of plant organ morphology such as leaves and fruits in order to understand to which extend rewiring within regulatory networks contribute to the evolution of forms. At IJPB, I study morphogenesis combining molecular and genetic approaches with system biology approaches to unravel how spatio-temporal dynamics of gene expression shape plant organ development.
Nicolas Arnaud


Transcription Factors and Architecture

Tél : 0130833862