Patrick LAUFS Senior Scientist

Transcription Factors and Architecture

I am a senior INRAE scientist at IJPB . I am interested in the mechanisms by which plants develop and acquire their diverse and fascinating shapes and structures. In particular, I am working on meristem function, leaf morphogenesis and what are the common mechanisms between both.
I am currently heading the Transcription Factors and Architecture team that is part of the Development, Signalling and Modelling Department.

Mini-Bio :
Following studies in Strasbourg during which I became fascinated by Biology, I followed my studies at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon in 1989 where I started to focus on plant biology.

Following a 2-year-long break as a teacher, I got a PhD in the former Cell Biology Lab at the INRA Versailles under the supervision of Jan Traas. I was working on an emerging scientific question, meristem function, using a promising plant model Arabidopsis thaliana still in its infancy at that time.

During my post-doc in the UK at John Innes Centre with John Doonan et Enrico Coen, I studied floral development.

I was then recruited as a junior research scientist at INRA Versailles where I continued my work on meristem function. In 2002, I became interested in the regulation of meristematic genes by the newly discovered microRNAs, which led me to study ... leaf development.

Scientific interests
During my work, I try to understand how plants develop, how they progressively develop their remarkable forms. For this, I use the leaf as a  model system, especially that of Arabidopsis thaliana for the study of which we have developed multiple tools.

We thus use different approaches: different types of microscopy to precisely visualize and sometimes quantify the underlying cellular and molecular events, molecular genetics approaches to perturb the action of these actors and see the consequences, and, in collaboration with others teams, modelling approaches to try to better link and understand the different processes involved.
Patrick Laufs


Transcription Factors and Architecture