Sandrine BONHOMME Research Scientist

Strigolactones and Allelochemicals Signaling

I am a plant biologist and INRAE research scientist since 1992. After a thesis on the Ogura Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in rapeseed, I studied the male gametophyte (pollen) development in Arabidopsis thaliana, using both forward and reverse genetic approaches. In 2011, I joined the group of Catherine Rameau (Branching Control in Plants), whom work on pea mutants had come to highlight the Strigolactones as a novel class of phytohormone. Since then, my research has focused on deciphering the Strigolactone synthesis and signaling pathway in the moss model Physcomitrium patens. With my colleagues, we take advantage of the wonderful tools available in P. patens (e.g. gene targeting through homologous recombination and CRISPR technology), and combine them with biochemistry approaches and use of synthetic analogs to figure out the evolution of Strigolactones (and related signaling molecules) function and pathways.
Sandrine Bonhomme


Strigolactones and Allelochemicals Signaling

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