Sylvie COURSOL Research Scientist

Biomass Quality and Interactions with Drought

I am a plant biologist with a broad background from physiology, cell signaling, omics and genetics. My research is currently focused on investigating the impact of water deficit on cell wall-related traits in maize using a multiscale systems approach.
ADAPTATION & METABOLISM Quantitative Genetics Stress Hormones Biomass & Cell wall Genomes
I am the co-head of the BEAM department at IJPB. My personal research interest is the discovery of new targets influencing cell wall digestibility in the context of climate change, particularly water deficit, in maize. Ongoing projects aim to:

1. Investigate the effect of different pedoclimatic conditions on both yield and digestibility (Plant2Pro MAMMA MIA project 2021-2024).

2. Characterize the composition and tissue distribution of cell wall components in response to various pedoclimatic conditions (AIC OCEAN 2020-2021 granted by the TRANSFORM Department and Plant2Pro MAMMA MIA project 2021-2024).

3. Characterize the response of several maize internode transcriptomes to water deficit (Amaizing project 2011-2021, BFF project 2012-2020 and Plant2Pro MAMMA MIA project 2021-2024).

4. Implement new statistical methods and generic visualization tools to identify the main genetic factors influencing cell wall digestibility and cell wall-related traits under water deficit conditions (PhD work of Julien Roziere 2019-2022, Plant2Pro PLMViewer 2020-2022 and ANR Stat4Plant 2021-2024).
Sylvie Coursol