Enrico MAGNANI Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist | Chromatin Dynamics and Signalling

IJPB publications (2006-to date) [14]
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Lu J, Le Hir R, Gómez-Páez DM, Coen O, Péchoux C, Jasinski S, Magnani E (2021). The nucellus: between cell elimination and sugar transport. Plant Physiol, 185(2):478-490. PubMed | DOI
Magnani E (2018). Seed Evolution, A 'Simpler' Story. Trends Plant Sci, 23:654-656. PubMed | DOI
Magnani E, De Klein N, Nam HI, Kim JG, Pham K, Fiume E, Mudgett MB, Rhee SY (2014). A comprehensive analysis of microProteins reveals their potentially widespread mechanism of transcriptional regulation. Plant Physiol, 165:149-159. PubMed | DOI
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