A Chinese delegation visits the IJPB

Seminar and visit of the Plant Observatory

A delegation of ten Chinese scientists visiting Europe was warmly received at the IJPB. These scientists came from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (CAS) in Beijing. Among them was Professor Weicai Yang, the Director of the institute and a CAS Academician. Professors from Jilin and Wuhan Universities (Huazhong Agricultural University) also took part in the visit. The group visited the Phenoscope PO-Pheno and the P0-Cyto Cytology/Imaging platform at the OV Plant Observatory. They were hosted by Helen North, Director of the IJPB, Hakim Mireau, head of the "Organelles et reproduction" (OrgaRepro) team, and Olivier Loudet, head of the PO-Pheno platform.

Dr. Weijuan Hu gave a seminar on "A strategy for the acquisition and analysis of image-based phenome in rice during the whole growth period" (Abstract).

Phenoscope XL

Confocal microscopy


Laser microdissection

Optical microscopy with automatic slide reading

Atomic force microscopy

A Chinese delegation visits the IJPB