METABIODIVEX and the 2023 chemical ecology day at Paris-Saclay University

Thursday, November 23, 8:50 am to 5:30 pm, Paris-Saclay University
METABIODIVEX is a consortium created within the Paris-Saclay University. This consortium is entirely dedicated to the study of the specialized metabolism of living organisms, covering a number of area unique in Europe. METABIODIVEX supports multidisciplinary research projects promoting the discovery of new specialized metabolites, as well as the study of their structural and functional properties, their production and valorization. Based on the three main Graduate Schools (GS) "Biosphera", "Chemistry" and "Health and Drug Sciences", this structuring project aims to develop a research of excellence through the implementation of integrated breakthrough strategies to open up new activities in the fields of environment, agricultural sciences and health.

METABIODIVEX structures a set of laboratories within the Paris-Saclay University, conducting multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary actions (a major asset of the integrated approach) that will ultimately contribute to addressing public health and environmental challenges (health and well-being/climate, environment and sustainable development/biodiversity, agriculture and food/industrial renewal). The training component is essential and is subdivided into university advanced training, continuing education and thematic schools. Metabiodivex also promotes development of collaborations with regional social-economic actors, and will actively participate in national and international research networks.

To promote its activities, the IO METABIODIVEX organizes 3 calls for projects a year (more here):
> A call for innovation projects: June submission The aim of this call for projects is to reinforce the implementation of high-risk, high value-added innovation projects that capitalize on interdisciplinary synergies arising from interactions between GS research units.
> A call for research projects: September submission The aim of this AAP is to initiate new research directions within the METABIODIVEX axes, and to generate preliminary data.
> A call for master intership : September submission METABIODIVEX will support Master 1 and Master 2 internships, as well as engineering school internships equivalent to M1 and M2 levels, when they are relevant to the METABIODIVEX program.

METABIODIVEX is also organizing its first Scientific Day, to be held on Thursday November 23, 2023 in the Henri Moissan Building at the Paris-Saclay University in Orsay, on the theme of chemical ecology (more here). Chemical ecology is a discipline dedicated to the study of chemically-mediated ecological interactions between living organisms (animals, plants, micro-organisms). It is therefore a vast and highly interdisciplinary field, integrating chemical approaches for the identification and synthesis of bioactive substances, biochemical and genetic approaches studying the biosynthesis and perception of these molecules, and ecological approaches examining the effects of these chemical mediations at ecosystem scale. Ecotoxicology, plant-insect relations, the identification and chemical analysis of semiochemical messengers, and the use of chemical mediators for biocontrol will all be addressed during the day. We look forward to seeing you there.

Find all the information on the OI website: link

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IJPB members who are part of the governance of the IO METABIODIVEX: Grégory Mouille (Executive Committee), Alexandre de Saint Germain (Research Working Group), Loïc Rajjou (Innovation Working Group) and Jean-Luc Cacas (Training Working Group).