Nicolas Bouché discusses epigenetics in LSD, the France Culture documentary series

Episode 4/4 of the podcast "Epigenetics makes campaign" from the topic of the week: "Epigenetics, when DNA shows off"

Epigenetics, when DNA shows off
For LSD (La Série Documentaire) of France culture, Franck Cuveillier examines those for whom epigenetics is a promising discipline. Epigenetics? Or how our environment, our past and even those of our ancestors can turn our genes on or off.
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Episode 4/4: Epigenetics makes campaign
Nicolas Bouché, from the "Natural Epigenetic Variability" VarEpi team of IJPB, and Moussa Benhamed from the Institut des Plantes de Saclay (IPS2), take us on a tour of their labs and greenhouses.
Nicolas introduces us to the IJPB and its research work on the "green mouse of plant labs": Arabidopsis and the tomato plant. He and Olivier Zurfluh also introduce us to the Phenoscope robot of the Plant Observatory developed at the IJPB to grow Arabidopsis in optimal conditions for research.
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