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Bioinformatics and informatics team

SC-Info 9 members 23 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

The team has 2 complementary duties : bioinformatics and informatics.

Bioinformaticians (2,8 FTE) bring their expertise in data analysis and development to the different research teams of IJPB.
Informaticians (3 FTE) are in charge for managing of IT’s infrastructure.
The team is also in charge of data management.

Scientific collaborations
The team brings its expertise in bioinformatics for different issues : organelle assembly, detection of EMS or CRISPR-Cas9 induced mutations by different methods (3D tilling, mapping by sequencing…), detection of meiotic recombination events, transcriptomics and proteomics analyses, data integration.

Developments can be made to answer a specific scientific question or be pooled in the form of pipelines (analysis of NGS data) or function libraries (R packages and Shiny interfaces) for recurrent analyzes.

Skills transfer
The team organises training for scientists and provides them with support for their data analysis.

Infrastructures and IT park
Calculations are performed on the Genotoul platform.
We have different storage solutions according to the type of data : AgroDataRing, PNAS.
Informaticians are in charge for the management and maintenance of a computer fleet of 750 machines.

Bioinformatics and informatics team

Audrey Hulot