Research teams

The Plant Observatory - Cytology/Imaging

PO-Cyto 7 members 81 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

Major equipments include (all available through an online booking system):  
• 5 confocal microscopes (Leica SP2, Leica SP5, LEICA SP8, Zeiss 710, Zeiss Spinning Disk/TIRF)
• structured illumination microscope (Zeiss Apotome)
• 10 research microscopes for bright field and epifluorescence
• 2 fully automated macroscopes (bright field and fluorescence, Zeiss)
in situ hybridization robot and slide scanner
• Table-top scanning electron microscope
• Atomic Force Microscope
• Flow cytometer
• Laser capture microdissection station
• Various cutting devices (vibratome, microtomes...)
• 2 high performance computer station with various imaging analysis softwares (Imaris, Huygens, ZEN, LAS...)
The Plant Observatory - Cytology/Imaging

Platform heads:

Bertrand Dubreucq & Samantha Vernhettes