Céline MASCLAUX-DAUBRESSE Senior Scientist

Senescence, Autophagy, Nutrient Recycling and Nitrogen Use Efficiency

I study the modifications of nitrogen metabolism during tleaf senescence and plant ageing. My aim is to identify key actors of nitrogen recycling and remobilization by analyzing N fluxes at the the whole plant level. Autophagy and proteolysis are acentral in my research.
Molecular physiology autophagy Leaf senescence nutrient recycling nitrogen metabolism multiomics
I joined the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in 1989 and I followed the teachings of the Magisterium of Biology. In 1992, I completed a Master degree in phytopathology and obtained in 1995 the title of Doctor of phytopathology from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI). My thesis focused on the iron acquisition in Erwinia chrysanthemi and its impact on the aggressiveness of the bacteria. In 1996, I obtained a permanent position as young researcher in the laboratory of Metabolism at INRA Versailles.  

Scientific interests
Since my recruitment at INRA of Versailles, I study the modifications of metabolism and nitrogen flux during leaf senescence and remobilisation. Using natural variability in Arabidopsis, I designed 15N labelling methods to measure nitrogen remobilization in Arabidopsis at whole plant level and (ii) determined the indicators proper to be used for comparison of genotypes. Since then, I have been characterizing key players in the recycling and remobilization of nitrogen at the cellular and tissue levels using reverse genetic and analysing mutation effects on nitrogen fluxes at the whole plant level. I am currently mainly interested in the genes controlling nitrogen assimilation and remobilization (glutamine synthetase, asparagine synthetase), autophagy and vacuolar proteolysis. The multiomics approaches that we are carrying out in collaboration with the PAPSSO proteomics platform of INRA Le Moulon and the Plant Observatory of IJPB, allowed us to identify new phenotypes in our mutants of interest, characterize metabolic disorders. and find new partners likely playing in nutritional recycling.
Céline Masclaux-Daubresse


Senescence, Autophagy, Nutrient Recycling and Nitrogen Use Efficiency