David BOUCHEZ Senior Scientist

Spatial Control of Cell Division

David Bouchez is INRAE Research Director. With his team, he studies the fundamental mechanisms of cell division in plant cells
David Bouchez is an AgroParisTech Engineer (1985) and holds a University Doctorate in Molecular and Plant Cellular Biology from the University PARIS 11 - Orsay (1990). He has been INRAE Research Director since 1998, and leads the "Spatial control of cell division" team in the IJPB. He was president, then director of the IJPB from 2003 to 2016.

With his "Spatial control of cell division" team, he aims to develop a multi-scale, quantitative and dynamic vision of plant morphogenesis.

In particular, he aims at better characterizing the respective roles of cell division and elongation in morphogenetic processes, from the (sub-)cellular scale to the scale of the whole plant. An important aspect of his work consists in characterizing major constituents involved in the dynamics and reorganizations of the cortical cytoskeleton in plants, a major player in all processes of division, growth and differentiation at the cellular level.

In this context, the goal is to determine the regulatory pathways and molecular interactions involved, the links with the cell cycle, as well as the significance of these processes for multicellular morphogenesis and the development of terrestrial plants.
David Bouchez


Spatial Control of Cell Division

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