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Primary Cell Wall

IJPB publications (2006-to date) [10]
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Boerjan W, Burlat V, Cosgrove DJ, Dunand C, Dupree P, Haas KT, Ingram G, Jamet E, Mohnen D, Moussu S, Peaucelle A, Persson S, Voiniciuc C, Höfte H (2024). Top five unanswered questions in plant cell surface research. Cell Surf, 11:100121. PubMed | DOI
Moussu S, Lee HK, Haas KT, Broyart C, Rathgeb U, De Bellis D, Levasseur T, Schoenaers S, Fernandez GS, Grossniklaus U, Bonnin E, Hosy E, Vissenberg K, Geldner N, Cathala B, Höfte H, Santiago J (2023). Plant cell wall patterning and expansion mediated by protein-peptide-polysaccharide interaction. Science, 382(6671):719-725. PubMed | DOI
Ouni E, Nedbal V, Da Pian M, Cao H, Haas KT, Peaucelle A, Van Kerk O, Herinckx G, Marbaix E, Dolmans MM, Tuuri T, Otala M, Amorim CA, Vertommen D (2022). Proteome-wide and matrisome-specific atlas of the human ovary computes fertility biomarker candidates and open the way for precision oncofertility. Matrix Biol, S0945-053X(22)00037-3. PubMed | DOI
Ouni E, Peaucelle A, Haas KT, Van Kerk O, Dolmans MM, Tuuri T, Otala M, Amorim CA (2021). A blueprint of the topology and mechanics of the human ovary for next-generation bioengineering and diagnosis. Nat Commun, 12(1):5603. PubMed | DOI
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