Hervé Vaucheret receives the INRAE 2021 "Life time achievement award"

A pioneer in the field of plant epigenetics, he owes his international recognition to his exceptional perseverance and passion for understanding unexplained results.

Hervé, INRAE Senior Scientist, head of the "Epigenetics and small RNAs" team epiRNA, "This award is most importantly a reflection of IJPB, in recognition of this internationally renowned institute and the success of its collective approach to research."

...“Jean-Pierre Bourgin, whose name graces one of the Institute’s joint research units (the IJPB1), has instilled a philosophy of trust and resource sharing between teams, which is, in my opinion, the best way to drive research. This collaborative approach makes it possible to absorb the variations in funding that I, like others, have faced. In France, research is managed in such a way that we are asked to program everything without knowing what funding or what teams we will have in the future. By pooling resources at the IJPB, we can develop fundamental research programmes while taking risks.”

“But long-term research programs only make sense if they are sustainable. And for that, it is absolutely essential to preserve a research system based on teams involving several permanent staff.”...

Hervé Vaucheret: the passion of the unexplained, his portrait, his research, his career, news INRAE, 29/11/21

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Some pictures of the ceremony

Philippe Mauguin, président d'INRAE

Hervé Vaucheret

The winners

Hervé Vaucheret receives the INRAE 2021 "Life time achievement award"
Grand prize awarded to Hervé Vaucheret, INRAE Senior Scientist in charge of the "Epigenetics and small RNAs" team epiARN, by Philippe Mauguin, INRAE President