Science Festival: come and discover the world of research and plants!

As every year, the IJPB actively participated in the Science Festival with a scientific discovery workshop and mini-lectures for 2023.

IJPB scientists are committed to making research and laboratory experiments accessible to the general public. On October 7 and 8, a workshop and mini-conferences will be held at the at the Paris-Saclay Science Village (ENS Paris-Saclay) as part of the Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS).

A workshop, Plants in full color!
Sunday, October 8th, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Exploration of the chemistry of color in plants, an endless palette! We invite you to engage with color through an experiment, games, quizzes, and even observe plant cells in color under a microscope.

Two mini-lectures

> Why this curled one is not lettuce... How leaves develop
Saturday, October 7th, 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM
Patrick Laufs
, "Transcription Factors and Architecture" team (FTA
Leaves, for example, those of trees, have very different shapes that allow the species that produces them to be recognized. However, initially, all young leaves have the same rudimentary shape, and it is only during development that they gradually develop their characteristic shapes. The mechanisms at play during this phenomenon will be discussed during the mini-lecture.

> The contribution of plant sugars to our daily lives: for feeding, clothing, sheltering, and heating
Sunday, October 8th, 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM
Rozenn Le Hir
, "Carbon, Allocation, Transport and Signaling" team (CATS
The sugars produced by plants are used by humans for clothing, shelter, heating, and nutrition. They are also essential for the development and growth of plants and their adaptation to climate change. In this conference was discussed how sugars are produced and used by plants, and then, we will use specific examples to explore the daily use of plant sugars by humans.

For this 2nd year at ENS Paris-Saclay, the Paris-Saclay Science Village welcomed more than 2200 visitors over the weekend.
> Over 700 primary and high school students visited on Friday
> More than 2200 visitors came during the weekend

update 16/10/23