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Symbiotic Nitrogen Acquisition in Plant-Microbe Systems

SYNAPS 9 members 61 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

The main questions we ask in our team are:

More specifically, we develop projects on the role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in impoving maize NUE.

This graphic illustrates our goal: maintaining maize yields while reducing N chemical fertilizers input by exploiting AMF. However, all maize genotypes do not benefit from AMF to the same level. To know which maize genotypes benefit from AMF, we need to explore the genetic diversity of this species. 

This picture shows different maize inbred lines grown in a greenhouse inoculated or not with the AMF Rhizophagus irregularis.
In our team, we exploit the genetic diversity of maize and monitor the responsiveness to AMF under a range of N fertilizations. Our main results were obtained in the greenhouse but we are planning to test this diversity of responses in the field soon!

We investigate the molecular and physiological processes by which AMF provide N to maize using multiomics approaches.

We analyze the metabolic composition of maize root exudates and try to correlate metabolic profiles with maize responsiveness to AMF.

2017-2021: MOMA: understanding and exploiting nitrogen utilization when provided by soil microorganisms for sustainable maize production – Project Institut Carnot- Plant2Pro.
2016-2020: FIXN-MAIZE: understanding and exploiting endophytic nitrogen fixation for sustainable maize production –ANR-16-CE04-0007. Industrial partner: Rouillier Agro Innovation international.
2011-2020: AMAIZING: a project to support the competitiveness of the French maize breeding sector – French Stimulus Initiative ANR-10-BTBR-03 including 8 partners from private companies and cooperatives, and 1 technical institute.
2017-2021: MOMA Comprendre et exploiter l’utilisation de l’azote fourni par les microorganismes du sol pour une production de maïs durable – Project Institut Carnot- Plant2Pro.
2020-2021: INRAE BAP MYCORN Arbuscular MYCorrhizal fungi and nitrogen uptake in corn
2021-2022: INRAE Prematuration DIGEREM Genetic Diversity of the Response of Maize to an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus under Low Nitrogen Inputs
2020-2023: SPS Beneficials integrates several partners of the SPS network around the question of the mechanisms governing beneficial plant-microorganism interactions.

Symbiotic Nitrogen Acquisition in Plant-Microbe Systems