Research teams

The Plant Observatory - Chemistry/Metabolism

PO-Chem 7 members 164 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

The Chemistry and Metabolism platform is dedicated to the quantification of hormones and signaling molecules, characterisation of plant chemical compounds, primary and specialised metabolites and plant biomass. The Platform provides this service to the international community.

The development of functional genomic, integrative biology and quanitative genetic in plants lead to a growing need of analytical chemistry.

Biological Question

This facility was created in 2007, in order to optimise the potential on the institute in analytical chemistry. The objective was to set a service dedicated to the international scientific community. We mutualized instruments and competences in one building and set up most of the analytical tools needed to characteized in details the metabolic state of plants. One of the strentgh of this group is its anchoring in the scientific community of the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin exploring many aspects of plant physiology and development.  

Main topics of the facility

1. Primary and specialized metabolism
2. Plant hormones and signaling molecules
3. Plant biomass : lignocellulosic, lipids, phenolics etc…    

Models, tools and methods  

Any plant product.
Analytical methods based on Mass spectrometry with various coupling.

Societal and economical impacts  

Support the implementation of new agricultural practices: reduction in the use of phytosanitary products and inputs while maintaining the quality of agricultural products and productions.