2nd Workshop Carbon Allocation in Plants

Advances in carbon allocation and acquisition - 20-21 November 2023, INRAE, Versailles
Plant biomass and the quality of plant products depend on carbon acquisition and allocation from photosynthetic organs to harvested organs. These processes reflect a balance between consumption, storage and long-distance transport of carbohydrates, regulated at multiscale cellular, tissular and organ levels. It depends on the central and energetic metabolisms coordinated with sugar homeostasis in subcellular compartments, sugar transport and signaling mechanisms. The second edition of "Carbon Allocation in Plants Workshop" - focusing on carbon allocation and acquisition - will address molecular physiology, modelling, and ecophysiology approaches to study carbon allocation. It aims to bring together European scientists working in this field to discuss the latest advances and their applications.

Six sessions are organized: 1) Sugar transport in the plant, 2) Carbon uptake and storage in plants, 3) Modelling and source-sink relationships, 4) Sugar homeostasis in contrasting environments, 5) Sugar allocations and interactions of plants with microorganisms and pests, 6) Ecophysiology of the carbon cycle.

A round table organized by the GDR 'Integrated Biology of CO2 Capture (IBCO2)' will discuss French initiatives for research on CO2 capture, carbon allocation and storage.

First edition in 2021, actu IJPB

This event is organized by the "Carbon, Allocation, Transport and Signaling" CATS team

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