INRAE 2024 open competition: 1 Research Engineer and 2 Technician positions (M/F) at the IJPB

Opening for a position as Cytology and Imaging Platform Manager

Your mission
You'll be responsible for the Cytology/Imaging platform's operations (PO-Cyto), development and outreach, including internal and external communications.

The strengths of the Cytology/Imaging Platform
In collaboration with a researcher from the institute who is the scientific head of the platform, you will enjoy extensive autonomy in the operational management of the platform and in the supervision of the staff working there (currently 2 full-time and 2 part-time employees). You will be supported in your work by a user committee made up of research teams from the institute who regularly use the platform's services.

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Contact: Samantha Vernhettes, 01 30 83 31 46

Opening for a position as Maintenance Technician - Electromechanic

Your mission
You will work on the maintenance of greenhouses and growth chambers in which genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are grown. You will carry out maintenance and repair work on mechanical and electromechanical equipment, materials, and structures (greenhouses and growth chambers) of the "Plant Facilities" platform (PO-Plants).

The strengths of the Plant Facilities platform
You will be supervised and directly managed by the head of technical services of the IJPB (Research Director), in close collaboration with the operational manager of the experimental facilities (Engineering Assistant).

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> Hervé Vaucheret, 01 30 83 31 70
> Bertrand Dubreucq, 01 30 83 30 66

Opening for a position as Biologist Technician

Your mission
You will be assigned to the "Meiosis Mechanisms" (MeioMe) team, which studies the mechanisms of meiotic division, a crucial step in sexual reproduction that enables the production of haploid gametes from diploid mother cells. The team uses several genomic traits and complementary plant species such as Arabidopsis thaliana, rapeseed (Brassica napus), and camelina (Camelina sativa).

The strengths of the MeioMe team
The MeioMe team currently consists of 4 researchers, 2 engineers, 2 technicians, and a dozen non-permanent staff, including 4 PhD students. You will work particularly closely with two of the team's researchers, which will give you a rich and varied range of activities. You will carry out experiments in different areas of biology.

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Contact: Eric Jenczewski, 01 30 83 38 51

For research developed at the Institute Jean-Pierre Bourgin for Plant Sciences


INRAE 2024 open competition: 1 Research Engineer and 2 Technician positions (M/F) at the IJPB