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Modeling and Digital Imaging

MiN 7 members 44 IJPB publications (2006-to date)

*** Open short-term position: bioimage analysis software engineer (see below) ***

We recruit on a regular basis master students, doctoral students, post-docs or engineers on short term positions. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Typical expected skills
People presenting or desiring to develop skills in one or several of the following aspects are welcome to apply in our team:
- modelling plant development and morphogenesis;
- computer and mathematical modelling (multi-agent systems, ODEs, PDEs);
- bioimage analysis (shape analysis, spatial statistics, graph analysis);
- 2D/3D image processing (segmentation, registration, deep learning);
- object-oriented computer programming (C++, or even Java).

Open positions
We currently have one open short-term position to be filled, starting as soon as possible (see below to download the announcement):
- engineer 18 months: image analysis and spatial statistical modeling; application to nuclear organization during mechanical responses (funding ANR Blanc, collaboration ME Chabouté).

To apply, please send CV, motivation letter and references to Philippe Andrey (see Contact).
Modeling and Digital Imaging


Philippe Andrey