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Modeling and Digital Imaging

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Our research aims at designing original approaches in image analysis, spatial statistics, and computational modeling to better understand plant development and functions.
SIGNALING & DEVELOPMENT Architecture & Modeling Cell & Morphogenesis

A major question in plant developmental biology is to understand how various factors, processes and scales are integrated during morphogenesis to build specific organization patterns and shapes at the levels of tissues and of organs. We address this questionning in our research activities by developing new methods for visualizing, quantifying, and modeling the data provided by microscopy images of plant systems.


Our research activities revolve around three main axes:

- image processing and analysis: we develop algorithmic strategies to extract quantitative information from microscopy images and to build statistical representations from series of individual observations;

- spatial statistics: we develop methods to statistically map in 3D spatial organizations in biological systems and to dissect the architectural principles that subtend these organizations;

- computational modeling: we develop predictive computational models to understand the mechanisms that are involved in the establishment and in the regulation of spatial patterns and of plant organ shapes.

Modeling and Digital Imaging


Philippe Andrey