Marine FROISSARD Research Scientist

Design, Engineering, Compartmentalization of Lipid Metabolism

Several projects involving advanced technological developments are underway, including

A project with a medical goal
Production of viral antigens in yeast and oilseeds Collaboration B. Delmas, JF. Eleouet (VIM, INRAE), C. Meziadi (Core Biogenesis)

A project with a technical goal
For imaging in native environment, without labeling and in living organisms with time course following. For this purpose we combine synchrotron light and microfluidics. Collaboration. JC Palauqui (IJPB, INRAE) K. Sakai (BIOGER, INRAE), J. Frederick (LadHyx, Polytechnique), J. Fattaccioli (IPGG), F. Jamme, M. Réfrégiers (SOLEIL Synchrotron). Financial support SOLEIL grant 20180097.
Marine Froissard


Cell Differentiation and Polarity

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