Marine FROISSARD Research Scientist

Design, Engineering, Compartmentalization of Lipid Metabolism

IJPB publications (2006-to date) [16]
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Jamme F, Cinquin B, Gohon Y, Pereiro E, Refregiers M, Froissard M (2020). Synchrotron multimodal imaging in a whole cell reveals lipid droplet core organization. J Synchrotron Radiat, 27:772-778. PubMed | DOI
Le Marechal P, Decottignies P, Marchand CH, Degrouard J, Jaillard D, Dulermo T, Froissard M, Smirnov A, Chapuis V, Virolle MJ (2013). Comparative proteomic analysis of Streptomyces lividans Wild-Type and ppk mutant strains reveals the importance of storage lipids for antibiotic biosynthesis. Appl Environ Microbiol, 79:5907-5917. PubMed | DOI
Vindigni JD, Wien F, Giuliani A, Erpapazoglou Z, Tache R, Jagic F, Chardot T, Gohon Y, Froissard M (2013). Fold of an oleosin targeted to cellular oil bodies. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1828:1881-1888. PubMed | DOI
Popluechai S, Froissard M, Jolivet P, Breviario D, Gatehouse AM, O'donnell AG, Chardot T, Kohli A (2011). Jatropha curcas oil body proteome and oleosins: L-form JcOle3 as a potential phylogenetic marker. Plant Physiol Biochem, 49:352-356. PubMed | DOI
Froissard M, Belgareh-Touze N, Dias M, Buisson N, Camadro JM, Haguenauer-Tsapis R, Lesuisse E (2007). Trafficking of siderophore transporters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and intracellular fate of ferrioxamine B conjugates. Traffic, 8:1601-1616. PubMed | DOI
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