Marine FROISSARD Research Scientist

Design, Engineering, Compartmentalization of Lipid Metabolism

Since my university studies, I have been interested in the secretory pathways and dynamics of intracellular compartments. After a PhD on regulated exocytosis in 2003 and a post-doctorate on the regulation of cell trafficking by ubiquitination, I joined INRAE in 2005 to work on lipid droplet.
cell biology biochemistry microbiology
Current projects aimed at
  1.  Knowledge improvement of the structure of lipid droplet, lipids and proteins, studied in vitro and in cellulo by biophysical and imaging approaches (collaborations with IJPB DYSCOL, SOLEIL synchrotron ALBA)
  2. Comparative study of class I (integral) proteins from lipid droplet in the yeast model using a heterologous expression approach. We study the structural and functional convergence of plant, animal and viral proteins to better understand their role in the dynamics of oil accumulation.
  3. Exploring lipid diversity in yeast, with a particular interest in the production of omega-3 essential fatty acids in Debaryomyces species (collaborations with CIRM Levures, INRAE SayFood).
These projects required the development of appropriate analysis methods for the study of lipid droplets, including
  1. Genetics of metabolic pathways and lipid body dynamics.
  2. Imaging with the use of specific markers (dyes or labelled proteins) or the development of non-labelled imaging by synchrotron radiation.
  3. Biochemistry with the development of specific fractionation and analysis methods for lipid-rich cellular compartments
  4. Biophysics using protocols and techniques compatible with the study of an oil-in-water emulsion.
A few examples of economic and societal stakes
  • Improving the quality and extraction of edible vegetable oils
  • Understanding the mechanisms of lipid accumulation in human diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hepatic cirrhosis, viral infections such as hepatitis C, zika or dengue fever.
  • Identification of new sources of omega 3 or enzymes, for animal and human food, which are environmentally friendly.
Marine Froissard


Cell Differentiation and Polarity

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